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Services & Equipment

Our Services:

  • Residential yard spraying and fertilising application.

  • Small acreage and rural lifestyle block spraying.

  • Agricultural spraying including pastures and crops. 

  • Commercial turf spraying and fertiliser application.

  • Commercial weed control around buildings, drainage basins, fencelines, carparks, etc. 

  • Noxious weed control including Blackberries, Nightshades, Mexican Poppy, African Boxthorn, Pattersons Curse, general burrs, and more. 

Our Equipment: 

  • Landboss UTV Compact Sprayer specially designed with a 400L tank and 6m boom spray. Includes the ability of 6m boom-less spraying and a 30m hand reel to access small spaces. Lightweight and soft-tread tyres make this unit perfect for being kind on the ground in paddocks, crops and on turf. 

    • Our Landboss can also be fitted with a 300L OnDeck™ UTV Sprayer by TransTank International with a 50m handreel for spot spraying and noxious weed work.

  • Landcruiser Sprayrig with 13m section-controlled boom spray, 1200L tank capacity fully optimised with Trimble GPS and Ez-Steer applications. Perfect for any size rural paddock, including broadacre operations.  

  • Trimble GFX-350 GPS equipment with RangePoint RTX, Trimble Ex-Steer and flow rate control installed on both machines to allow accurate spraying down to <2cm, reducing wastage and improving efficiency. 

  • 15L knapsack sprayer with 1m boom for residential yards and small commercial areas. 

  • 60L and 160L Fertiliser hoppers for both residential and rural applications.

Check out our photos and videos below to see it all in action!

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