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Company Overview & Equipment

Based in Mudgee, Spot On Services NSW PTY LTD T/as Spot On

Spraying is a family run company specialising in residential, small

acreage, pastoral and commercial spraying. We have

state-of-the-art technology installed on our two purpose-built,

custom-made sprayer units which enables us to spray accurately

and efficiently – delivering our customers valued service with both

timely and financial savings, and a quality result.

Of our two spray units, the smaller machine is based around a

Polaris Ranger UTV – powerful yet gentle, with a quiet diesel

engine and minimal impact tyres to ensure little disturbance to

the environment.

  • This sprayer is custom built by us using quality products from

  • Agricultural Industry leaders such as TransTank International,

  • Goldacres Boom Sprayers, Arag, Trimble and more.

  • The boom spray has the capacity to fully extend to 6 metres,

  • with the option to use boomless nozzles to achieve the same distance of spray with increased maneuverability.

  • It also has an interchangeable quick-spray unit, a SuperReel by TransTank International, enabling efficient spot spraying and reduced time getting into those hard to reach places.

Our second unit is a Landcruiser Spray unit built with a 1200L tank and 14 metre boom spray by UniBoom. It is fitted with a cab filtration system to ensure operator safety, blue lights for spraying in low light situations, and triple nozzle housings along the boom to allow the operator to change between three types of nozzles quickly, reducing downtime in the field.

We have also added world-class technology to both machines to improve our accuracy and data-logging which includes:

  • Trimble GFX GPS System with Field IQ – satellite technology enables us to achieve spraying accuracy of 100mm, tracks the unit to ensure no double spraying of areas and keeps a running total of area covered.

  • Trimble Ez-Steer Guidance System – with this addition we are able to be semi-autonomous, as this system will ensure the unit remains perfectly straight and on target – no crossing lines and no missed areas.

  • Online records with MyResults – we have engaged LivingTurf – an Australian leader in turf products and advice – to utilise their recordkeeping system to create user-friendly, results-orientated documents that are government compliant.

  • Top of the line Kestrel Weather Recorder – small and mobile, this weather station allows us to take on-site weather readings to ensure we are spraying in the optimum conditions for maximum safety. Data can be captured electronically and uploaded straight to the records.

  • A variety of nozzle types and uses to ensure we are always prepared for whatever chemical application is required. 2-4D compliant nozzles are also available.

We are fully insured, qualified and trained by experts at Chemcert and SpraySmart – government accredited chemical handling training organisations. We also have a wealth of knowledge, having worked in the agricultural and horticultural industries for many years.  

  • Residential yard spraying and fertilising application.

  • Small acreage and rural lifestyle block spraying.

  • Agricultural spraying including pastures and crops. 

  • Commercial turf spraying and fertiliser application.

  • Commercial weed control around buildings, drainage basins, fencelines, carparks, etc. 

  • Noxious weed control including Blackberries, Nightshades, Mexican Poppy, African Boxthorn, Pattersons Curse, general burrs, and more.

Company Owners Mitchell Pedron and Ashlee Purvis

Our Services

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